Optometrist – Mark Waine




Mark qualified as an optometrist in Australia and has been practicing for over 30 years. He is experienced in all forms of contact lens fitting and previously worked for 5 years in medical practice in Sydney where he encountered and treated many different forms of anterior pathology and foreign body removal. Since his arrival in London 20 years ago, he had worked in a number of practices and is particularly interested in the diagnosis of glaucoma. Marks also serves on the Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich Local Optical Committee as a representative of all locally practicing opticians.




I too had little idea about what to do after completing my HSC (Australian equivalent of A Levels). I just I wanted to do something that was science-based and really can’t remember why I choose optometry. That was in 1977 and 33 years after graduating at the end of 1981, I am still doing it today! I had my own practice for 5 years in a Medical Centre in Sydney and learned a lot of ophthalmology whilst there. I am also keen on working with contact lenses and have fitted many unusual cases over the years with both soft and hard types of lenses. After returning to the UK in 1993, I mostly worked in the large multiple opticians but over the years have become increasingly disenchanted with this environment and am much happier now to be practicing in the independent sector where I can take my time to give my patients the examination that they require and deserve.

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Dispensing Optician – Lesley Reid FBDO


Lesley | Oakmead Opticians


Lesley qualified as a dispensing optician in 1992 and has worked in a variety of optical practices over the years. She is keen to encourage the understanding of the important role that a qualified dispensing optician plays in providing comfortable and suitable glasses for all ages especially children. Her aim is to ensure that not only will your glasses look great but they will be comfortable and long lasting as well.




I left school after A Levels and found a job for a “Trainee Dispensing Optician” without really knowing what this meant! But after three years study and experience in practice, I realised what a diverse and rewarding job this can be. Over the years I have been involved in fitting artificial eyes, measuring and making bespoke frames especially rimless designs, and sourcing frames particularly designed for Downs Syndrome children, amongst other things. In recent years I was the manager at a large store but now I love the fact that I have returned to independent practice where I can use the products that I know offer the best value, comfort and vision.